Too Good

“Too Good” is a second single by Chiro Kofi Peprah an up and coming gospel music artist. Chiro Kofi Peprah is   a Psalmist-evangelist called into   ministry and charged to impact generations for Christ with his music. “Too Good” is the second single release by the Psalmist-evangelist after his  first single, “I surrender” which was released in 2015

The sound of the single “Too Good” is so exhilarating and endearing. It is a blend of authentic African music instrumentals fused with Jazz. The African rhythm fused with Jazz gets you dancing to the tune, to the glory of God.

“Too Good” is a song that proclaims the greatness of God, how he marvels us, how he shows us love even when we are undeserving. This song simply preaches the goodness of God, how he came to die on the cross and how he continuously blesses us. His ways baffles the minds of all.

In short the song is saying Elohim is too good too much. His goodness can’t be measured on any scale.

Let this song inspire you and draw you closer to God so you experience his marvelous wonders and his love as your father who is in Heaven.

It  is safe to say: ” I don’t know wey thing I do you come dey love me so”

One thing I know be say!

You bless me chakaa chakaa!

Favor, mafa no la la!

You be too good-dioo Eloooo


Too good, too much Elohim


Be blessed as you listen to this  single.

Too Good  Lyrics


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