Dear beloved

The hour of freedom is a Telephone -prayer-conference for people across all works of life who want to have close relationship with God through prayers. The phone lines allows us to connect corporately as we pray, despite geographic distance. Come join us and come before God with your supplication and burdens.

Join us

Dial 15156049000 . You will be prompted to enter the following access code: 29 736 7

Welcome to The Hour of Freedom

Meeting time and day

Meeting Days: Monday to Friday Time : 7am EST New York ,5am MST Denver, 4am PST California , 1pm CEST Paris ,12pm BSTLondon, 7pm CST China

Lines for other countries

You can also join us using the numbers of the following countries 1. France - 33178900684 2. UK - 443300881603 3. Germany - 4920988294434 4. Italy - 390510920294 5. Costa Rico - 50640003941 6. China - 8651080224345

Host : Pastor Patrick

contact: 7202805276 


Host:Pastor Francis Opoku


What are the costs involved in a prayer conference call?
Only normal domestic, long-distance rates charged by the participant’s long distance carrier apply.