Edwin Abankwa

Name:  Edwin Abankwa

Profession: Student

Passion or Resolve: To bless  people with my God given abilities and bring healing to the broken hearted with the help of God. 

Isaac Yarry

Name: Isaac Yarry (O.D)

Profession : Optometrist

Passion or Resolve: I love gospel music. Crazy about worship. Passionate about winning souls for Christ and this is exactly what drew me to CHIRO Inc.

Awura Ama DarkoName: Awura Ama Darko

Profession: Events planner/Marketer

Passion or resolve: Any capacity I serve in is always a privilege and great joy to impact lives in my own little way. Ama is passionate about the work of God especially projecting purity and mentoring people younger than her. She is simply a lover of any move that projects Christ to snatch a soul.

Dorcas MarteyName:  Dorcas Martey

Profession: Entrepreneur, philanthropist

Passion :  The need to live a lasting legacy in God's kingdom and on earth has lead me to join CHIRO Inc and other ministries that promote the word of God through their God given talents. I'm excited when I put countless Smiles on the faces of others who need just a hug,a word of encouragement, listening ear, someone to hold ,talk to and lean on . I believe I can't change a million life by myself hence the need to partner.

Gideon DonkohName: Gideon Donkoh

Profession: Computer Programmer

Passion or your resolve:Preaching Christ and making him known through my deeds. Nothing more satisfying than working in God's vineyard. Christ is enough for me.

Emmanuel Nii Yartey WetteyName:  Emmanuel Nii Yartey Wettey

Profession: Media Personnel

Passion or Resolve:  Loves creativity, solving problems under pressure , exploring newer innovations and passion for the media ministry.

Priscilla MensahName:Priscilla Mensah

Profession:Client Relations Officer, Enterprise Insurance

Passion or resolve:I always desire to make an impact wherever I find myself and I get fulfilled when I put smiles on faces.

rachelName: Rachael Okai

Profession: Property manager

Passion or resolve: keep praying, keep moving and never lose focus

Samuel Mensah QuayeName:Samuel Mensah Quaye

Profession: SEO and Online marketing coordinator

Passion or resolve:My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me,to testify to the good news of God’s grace.

Kissiedu-Hyde ReinhardName:Kissiedu-Hyde Reinhard

Profession: Communication Personnel

Passion or resolve: Singing,dancing and acting to win souls for God

henry Selasi HukportyName:  Henry Selasi Hukporty

Profession: Hotelier

Passion : love to spread the gospel on social media, loves music and reading and cooking as a hobby.

Ben-NarhName:Bernard Tettey Narh

Profession:Telecommunication Engineer

Passion or resolve: Commited to the kingdom business and to see to it that all make it to heaven.

Gifty GoldaName: Gifty Golda Fynn

Profession: IT Consultant

Passion or  resolve: Live for God

HelenaName:  Helena Asare

Profession: Sales Executive 

Passion or resolve:  I am committed, dedicated and love to sacrifice my entire life to support the kingdom business which has always been my source of joy. I also love to bless souls with the gift God has placed in me .

Apeadu CurlsName:Enoch Apeadu Curls


Passion or resolve:Singing psalms and sharing the word of God

Daniel profileName: Akuoko Daniel Wellman.


Passion or resolve:Dedicated to helping the world and believers manifest their purposes through teaching and prayer .I strongly believe that without prayer it will be impossible for anybody to enter fully into his or her God given glory .I also help people to know how  the spirit world operate and also how to cope with it .