CHIRO Inc. has two annual programs namely David’s dance and  Streets4christ:

David's danceDavid’s Dance is a worship program which stands solely on the heart of worship. 2Samuel 6:14,and David Danced with all his might; we see a king dance in his white ephod robe which got torn and made him almost naked.

But in the midst of this he was not mindful of man but God. He danced before the Lord till he was almost nude, that his glory as a king  diminished and the Glory of God was established in his kingdom and heart.

This is one of the greatest acts of worship David did. Apart from the offerings he had given. It was praise in advance because the ark of the Lord was being moved into David’s city and he knew it was going to bless him as it blessed Obed-Edom. This Praise then grew into worship, an intimacy with him and God, and even when his wife despised him in her heart God cursed her without David’s knowledge.

So on that day, we have been given the right to use praise as a tool to liberate ourselves from evil things, things that are against the will of God. Then we will grow the praise into worship and have fellowship with Abba Father.there will be miracles and wonders with this encounter.It is simply worship, simply praise.




vlcsnap-2016-04-21-15h20m30s334Streets4Christ is an evangelism ministry laid on our heart by God to go to the Streets from where we had some life experience and let them know of the saving power of God.

It is not enough to minister to fellow Christians in church. The concept of “Streets” in “streets 4 Christ” is not just a location but lifestyle like drug addiction, prostitution, thug life and many others.
There are so many people who think these life styles are trendy and are accepted.
The divine gifts we have has to benefit our maker first then the people around us before we will reap of its benefits. That is why CHIRO Inc. believes in impacting the generations for Christ through our talents or divine gifts.
The charge from God is to go and impact our generation for God by going to the street and evangelizing using our creative gifts as an art of worship unto Him.

Worship is from the heart. We can use our talents to worship God. It doesn’t always have to be music. We can use music as a channel and other talents like choreography, poetry acting and other creative arts to worship God.
Once the art of worship is from the heart and genuine He accepts it, He moves down to inhabit His praise, and His power through His Spirit will convict and deliver all lost souls.
There will be the bonus of healing and other miracles because our king of Glory will be seated on His throne amongst us. We rely solely on His Spirit and grace. We are just vessels who have availed themselves to be used by God.